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Our Work
& Sector Spotlights

Our team has experience delivering results for interests and companies across various sectors – from health care and energy to financial services and education.

Health Care

Client Spotlight: It’s never easy to stop large bureaucratic momentum dead in its tracks. But when a policy-change that would negatively impact a client’s bottom line was planned by a state government agency, we crafted and executed an aggressive opposition media campaign. Working with the Remington Road Group team, we activated elected officials and community leaders across the state to engage in the press and shine a bright spotlight on the negative impacts of the planned policy change. After sustained engagement in the press, the state government agency re-evaluated its position – specifically citing media created through our effort – and reversed its decision to implement the policy change.

Financial Services and Small Business

Client Spotlight: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Voices (10KSBV) is an initiative designed to help small business owners advocate for policy changes that will help their businesses, their employees, and their communities. We work with 10KSBV to elevate their community of small businesses in Ohio through the press and to drive tangible impact on real issues. Through media outreach, events and editorial strategies, we have secured stories and op-eds in news outlets across Ohio.

Renewable Energy

Client Spotlight: Through communications strategy and planning, earned media, and digital content creation and advertising placement, we support Remington Road Group’s extensive work on behalf of several utility scale solar development companies. We have effectively softened the ground for acceptance of solar development in target areas of Ohio, and our locally-targeted efforts have been integral to government approvals of solar energy projects and elevating the companies and projects we serve.


Client Spotlight: Remington Road Group was selected by Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther to manage all facets of the campaign in opposition to Issue 7, a 2021 ballot measure that would have taken $87 million from the City of Columbus’ general fund, forcing cuts to city services. As part of Remington Road Group’s larger effort to organize and build a coalition of organizations and city leaders to endorse the opposition effort, we deployed paid communications and earned media tactics. Despite polling showing voters initially in favor of the ballot initiative, following the campaign to educate the electorate, Issue 7 was defeated 87-13, believed to be the largest spread on a ballot issue in city history.

Tech Sector

Client Spotlight: American Edge Project (AEP) is a coalition of domestic organizations representing a cross-section of U.S. innovators who are dedicated to telling the story about technology’s positive influence on America’s economy and the vital role innovation plays in our society. We have helped tell that story through the media in the Midwest by elevating key leaders from the business community, organized labor, and the tech sector, among other trusted community voices.


Client Spotlight: When a national, organized labor-backed organization needed support guiding its communications programs in five states across the country, they turned to us. We are a teammate and strategic advisor to the states’ communications directors, ensuring goals are met, messaging is consistent and impactful, and the organization and its issues are elevated in the media and online.

Client spotlight: As Groundwork Ohio’s communications, media and digital consultant, we help bolster the non-partisan organization’s position as the state’s leading advocacy and public- policy research organization focused on issues impacting the prenatal period to age five. Through message development, media outreach, editorial strategies, and targeted digital advertising, we elevate Groundwork Ohio’s message and priorities in the media, among target audiences, and to key elected officials.